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Our Mission

The UFV Cascades Baseball staff pride themselves on being facilitators of player development.
As a program, we measure our success by our ability to help players achieve their goals and
reach their potential as baseball players and human beings. We feel that if we are able to
accomplish this, winning takes care of itself. Our organization also strives to provide our players
with increased access to scholarship opportunities at bigger schools. Ultimately, however, our
goal is to help our athletes gain life skills such as leadership, resiliency, work ethic, teamwork,
mental toughness, self-discipline, and accountability which will aid their transition into the
workforce and other future endeavours.

ufv cascades logo.png
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Core Values
  • Increase access and opportunities to competitive baseball

  • Focus on what we can give to baseball not what baseball can give to us

  • Treat all players equally

  • Facilitate growth of whole player; physical, mental, emotional

  • Teach life skills that help players transition into the real world

  • Family comes first, we are a family

  • Stewardship of community and University

  • Development over winning