Brian Finnie

Brian Finnie, a highly successful businessman in his own right, operating the Finnie Group of Companies,  caught a vision several years ago of the potential of the sport of baseball in this province.  Since that time, having his own son playing youth baseball, he wanted to see how he could help further the sport in his community.  He then endeavoured to do just that, by building a state-of-the art indoor training facility on his property in Chilliwack, British Columbia (The Yard Baseball Academy).  As well, Brian took the plunge, and the University of the Fraser Valley Cascades Baseball team was formed.  Since that time, this team continues to build and grow, attracting players locally as well as across Canada, and attracting an excellent coaching staff.

Brian continued to look further at how to better this sport in our community and looked to other baseball operations in close proximity; namely, operations run by Corey Eckstein in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  In August, 2018, after lengthy discussions with these owners and coaching staff, of the value of coming under one organization, The Yard Baseball Academy, UFV Cascades Baseball, Sandlot  Baseball, Yale Baseball Academy and Abbotsford Cardinals, have come under one organization:  Fraser Valley Baseball Academy.

The leadership team at FVBA is thrilled moving forward to the potential of how we can see this sport flourish in the Fraser Valley for all ages.  It is one of our key goals to give back to our community through programs such as Challenger Baseball.

Sanda King

Sanda King, through her years in private legal practice, as well as managing several staff in the legal and business worlds, and her strong love of baseball, volunteerism and experience in fundraising and events coordination, caught the vision of Fraser Valley Baseball Academy, along with the owner and head coaching staff, and has spent her time bringing administration and organization to the many branches of the now FVBA.  She is excited to continue in this role as the current programs build and get organized and is also passionate about seeing what other teams and programs will be.

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